Traditional Furoshiki Wrap- Sharaku

Traditional Furoshiki Wrap- Sharaku


Furoshiki is the ancient art of wrapping gifts in reusable cloth. Our authentic wraps are imported from Japan.


Sharaku was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist known for his portraits of kabuki actors. This wrap is a beautiful example of his work.


The traditional Japanese artwork is striking and means even those with little skill in the art of furoshiki can make a gift look beautiful. They may also be used as a bento sack to carry your lunch to school or work.


The small wrap is suitable for smaller gifts like books, boxes of chocolate or perfume.


The medium wrap is perfect for mid sized sized gifts such as toiletry sets or bottles of wine/ champagne. The box used in the image measures 191mm x 159mm x 159 mm


The large is perfect for bigger gifts such as wellingtons, crockery sets or board games.



Regular measures 68cm. Made from rayon


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