Plastic Free Sponge. 2 Pack- Stripe

Plastic Free Sponge. 2 Pack- Stripe


Set of 2 non-sponges/ plastic free sponges.


These heavy duty non sponges are plastic free and made from cotton canvas, hessian and coconut coir which has a natural latex coating. They are suitable for both bathroom and kitchen use.


The coconut coir inner is durable, naturally antimicrobial and spongey meaning it created a good lather and squeezable so it does not retain water and dries well in between uses. The tough hessian side is great for scrubbing or buffing rough skin and the canvas side is good for wiping and mopping up spills up.


We use unbleached cotton thread and Oeko-Tex certified fabric to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Please note, pattern placement may vary slightly due to print of fabric. Machine washable at 40 degrees. Allow to dry thoroughly between uses.


Your sponge should last up to 2 months with good care.