Organic Marseille Soap Bar 300g

Organic Marseille Soap Bar 300g



This extra large organic soap bar is a great replacement for a wide range of body and household products that usually come wrapped in plastic. It is completely natural, non-toxic and palm oil free. Not to mention being vegan and not tested on animals.


• natural cleaning soap 
• palm oil free 
• plastic free cleaner  It is a natural cleaning soap that can be used on dishes, work surfaces and even on the body. It is gentle on skin and is also known to help with various skin conditions. It's olive oil base means it is moisturising and won't leave skin feeling dried out.


Because the bar is so big, we cut it in half and a piece in the shower and a piece in the kitchen. Paired with our dish brush, it creates a great lather and removes dirt leaving dishes squeaky clean.


Ingredients - 70% Organic Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, Water, Sea salt (Mediterranean)

Made in Marseille, France