This Furoshiki wrap is made from 100% cotton canvas. It is thick and durable so adds structure and shape to any gift.


It comes with a tie made from the same pattern already attached, meaning you don't have to be a furoshiki master to achieve a beautifully wrapped gift. It also means you'll never loose it!


To use, simply place the gift in the centre, fold the opposite corners without the ties over the gift. Then fold the two tie corners in, wrap the ties around as many times and they'll fit, then tie on the top.




Small  50x 50cm

Medium 75 x 75cm

Large 90 x 90cm


The UK throws tonnes of wrapping paper away each year, most of which is not recycled. This Furoshiki wrap can used time and time again and will last for years. You just have to remember to ask for it back once the gift has been opened!

Furoshiki Wrap With Tie


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