Dish Washing Block

Dish Washing Block


This No Tox Life dishwashing bar will revolutionise the way you clean and means you can banish the chemical filled, plastic wrapped washing up liquid of yester-year.


This mighty bar will create a rich lather which can remove even the toughest grime but is enriched with aloe vera meaning it is also gentle on your skin. Not only good for zero waste washing up, its unique formula means it can be used all over the house including stain removal, cleaning work surfaces, washing sinks and bathrooms and much more. It truly is an all-rounder!


To use this plastic free, vegan bar simply wet your sponge, rub on the surface of the bar to create a lather and clean. Store on a drainer to prevent it sitting in water and it will last up to 6 months! True zero-waste washing up!


  • Vegan Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate*, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate*, Decyl Glucoside*, Quillaja Saponaria Extract**, Glycerin*, Aloe Vera, Purified Water, Sodium Carbonate *Cleansers From Coconut **From The South American Soap Bark Tree Vegan. Palm-free. Sulfate-free. Paraben-free. Fragrance-free.