Approx 64 Denttabs- 1 month's supply

Approx 192 Denttabs- 3 month's supply


Effective and fast relief for sensitve teeth and beginning tooth decay - DENTTABS® teeth cleaning tablets: the difference to toothpaste

Chew up a DENTTABS® teeth cleaning tablet until you feel no more crumbs. Brush your teeth with the wet toothbrush as usually. Rinse out—done!

The best possible dental care using the least amount of chemical ingredients: This was the original idea behind the development of DENTTABS® teeth cleaning tablets. Conventional toothpastes consist of 50 % water and is most often packaged in plastic tubes that are rarely recycled. Our Denttabs with arrive in a biodegradable bag which can be recycled or composted.


They are also a perfect alternative to a liquid version when travelling light or when flying with only hold luggage.

Denttabs (with fluoride)- toothpaste tablets


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