Leave No Trace was born of a desire to reduce the amount of daily waste and plastic sent to land fill. Every product we stock is carefully considered and we strive to ensure it fits with our ethics. Each item is either biodegradable in place of plastic, reusable instead of disposable or recyclable/ compostable. We do not stock anything that is derived from animals. We use as little packaging as possible, do not pack with plastic (although some items we stock may come from the producer with some plastic packaging) and recycle packaging wherever possible.

our mission

Leave No Trace is a company on a mission. Our mission is to remove single-use, throwaway and landfill waste from everyday life. Our products range from wipe clean sandwich wraps to bamboo coffee cups, from metal straws to safety razors, from washable cotton pads to coconut coir scrubbing brushes with everything in between.

Leave No Trace

Helping you make easy changes to your daily routine to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable life.

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